Sunday, May 9, 2010

JAR SESSION 11 - "Explaining LIMBO"


The UK is in limbo, frozen in time, being kept "alive" in cryonic support at −273.15°C. Andy Cooke presents a collection of tracks hanging in a suspended animation, a kind of activity schedule for purgatory. More or less pagan, but all virtuous, some of these cuts are noisy, some are contemplative - some will survive for minutes, others might keep well for centuries. The plan is to replace all the organic elements with synthetic hardware in preparation for a cybernetic crisis free future, probably without a banking system.


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I'm So Depressed - Abner Jay
Six Feet (from my baby) - Zola Jesus
Max Ernst - Mission of Burma
First World of Bronze - Cromagnon
Things to Do (I've Tried) - David Byrne
I Know - Need New Body
Shawnee Tribe - Link Wray
Wheels Turning - Durutti Column
Boat Woman Song - Holger Czukay
The Other Four - Flying Wagon / Warmth Ferry
The Talking Horse - The Melvins
Death is Forming - Jay Reatard
Happy Time - Daniel Johnston
Pale Gallery - Amon Düül II
Tonight - Iggy Pop