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Four reflections on medieval humorism. Like Rick Wakeman said of his "Six wives of Henry VIII" , these are not meant to be taken as literal representations of the four medieval temperaments... rather a contemporary redressing of an imbalance of humors.
Devised and selected by Patrick Gibson.

Part One - Sanguine.
Laughing the loudest and wearing the flashiest outfits, a courageous selection of tracks. Ultimately lending themselves to sketches, life drawings, and rustic scenes. The humor of Sanguine is usually treated with leeches. PODCAST HERE

Part Two - Choleric.
BILE BILE BILE a fiery YELLOW grouping. There is nothing I love as much as a good fight. A natural superabundance of the choleric. PODCAST HERE

Part Three - Melancholic.
Semper Dowland, semper dolens. Melancholy Dane. Indolent dreaming wistfulness. Where is the ring I gave to Nancy Spain? PODCAST HERE

Part Four - Phlegmatic.
Get up late in the morning; Dorian mode on C; Take a nap; Eat; In this case the mode is the Phrygian; Take another nap; Go to bed. Hey Mr Pharmacist!
This is one for those availed of a superb set of headphones - frequency spectrum junkies, medotists, nanologicians, monkish gong ritualists - communicate with the insect kingdom: Phenomenon, certainly but without the Iron Maiden. PODCAST HERE




01 A Love Supreme - Alice Coltrane
02 Zulu Nation Throwdown - Africa Bambaataa
03 Contort Yourself - James White & The Blacks
04 One more night - Can (Ege Bamyasi)
05 Ubu Dance Party - Pere Ubu (Dub Housing)
06 Take Yo Praise - Camille Yarborough
07 To - Tom Ze
08 Dearest Friends - Von Südenfed (Tromatic Reflexxions)
09 Yield to Total Elation - Matmos (The Civil War)
10 Love in Outer Space - Sun Ra (Out There A Minute)


01 Structure - Glenn Branca (Ascension)
02 Kebabtraume - DAF (Mute Audio)
03 Egomaniac's Kiss - DNA (DNA on DNA)
04 On Sadism - Material (Temporary Music)
05 Yahsar - Cabaret Voltaire (2x45)
06 Horizontal Folds - This Heat (This Heat)
07 11,000 Volts - Mars (Mute Audio)
08 Get Up & Use Me - Fire Engines (Codex Teenage)
09 Poptones - Public Image Ltd (Metal Box)
10 Fuckaz - The Bug (London Zoo)


01 Don't have to be so sad - Yo La Tengo (Summer Sun)
02 I Can't Live Without You - Mulata Astatke (Ethio 4)
03 Trieste Bahia - Caetano Veloso (Tramsa)
04 Hold On - Tom Waits (Mule Variations)
05 We Have a Map of the Piano - Mum (FInally we are no one)
06 Blue Thunder - Galaxie 500 (On Fire)
07 Blossom Time - Danil Grubbs & Loren Connors (Arborvitae)
08 Sobbin' Blues - King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band
09 Dark was the night, Cold was the ground - Blind Willie Johnson
10 Untitled Blues - Albert Ayer


01 Pax - Philip Jeck (Stoke)
02 Quarto quardo - Luciano Cillio (Dell'Universo Assente) 08:00
03 Trance 2 - Angus Maclaise, Tony Conrad & John Cage (The Cloud Doctrine) 16:45
04 Water Gong - Annea Lockwood (Early Works) 20:44
05 Gentle Fire - Earl Brown, John Cage & Christian Wolff (Gentle Fire) 26:30
06 Analogos - Akio Suzuki (Odds & Ends) 36:44
07 Part 1 - John Wall (Hylic) 49:15
08 Untitled - M.E.V. (Rome) 58:12
09 Soup - Gruppo D'Improvisazione (Nuova Consonaza) 01:07:17
10 Unfamiliar Winds - Brian Eno (Ambient 4: On Land) 01:14:25

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