Sunday, July 10, 2016




Devised, debated, campaigned and voted on by Andy Cooke, Dan Fox & Nathaniel Mellors

Having relocated our production facilities to a heavily fortified and luxury redoubt deep in the Scottish highlands, Junior Aspirin Records presents The Brexpod: a balanced, neutral and wholly unbiased reflection on the misery and hopelessness inflicted on the United Kingdom by the cowardly, venal, xenophobic, meretricious, mendacious, over-privileged turdworms who, on 23rd June 2016, paddled the country up Bullxit creek and left us in a Euromess without so much as a bratwurst or baguette to gnaw on. From the country that brought you sterling classics such as The Restoration, Luddism, Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher, the invention of the machine gun, and the colonial subjugation of countries across the globe, the Brexpod is a three-hour epic told in broken English, and featuring Cotswold-stone-cold hits including 'Turd on the Run' by The Rolling Stones (feat. Boris Johnson) and 'Aftermath' by Tricky (feat. Nigel Farage vs. Jean-Claude Juncker). So when the clocks strike half-past France, and the stormy weather hits the pound, forget the summer beach holiday in Greece and thank The Village Green Preservation Society that you will have to learn to love Llandudno again. Kick back with the last remaining bottle of Chianti in England, finish off the tapas, complete your Irish passport application and let the Brexpod remind you and me, the perma-peasantry, that this is how it feels to be lonely.


Europe Endless – Kraftwerk (feat. David Cameron)
Edward Elgar – Nimrod (from ‘Enigma Variations’)
Edward Elgar – The Pomp & Circumstance Marches, Op. 31 (March No.1)
Anon – God Save the Queen
William Blake/Hubert Parry – Jerusalem
Coward – Swans
Failure – Swans
Panic – Coil
Lay of the Land – The Fall
Aftermath – Tricky (feat. Nigel Farage & Jean-Claude Juncker)
Turd on the Run – The Rolling Stones (feat. Boris Johnson)
That's When I Reach For My Revolver – Mission of Burma (feat. Michael Gove)
European Son – The Velvet Underground (feat. Michael Gove)
Euromess – J.J. Burnell
Mob Rule – Robert Wyatt
The Village Green Preservation Society – The Kinks
Getting Nowhere in a Hurry – Roy Budd
Somebody Else's World – Sun Ra & His Solar Myth Arkestra (feat. Michael Gove)
It Couldn't Happen Here – Pet Shop Boys
Still Ill – The Smiths
Arthur – The Tiger Lillies
Your English – The Rebel
Neighborhood Threat – Iggy Pop
Not One of Us – Peter Gabriel (feat. Donald Trump, Daniel Hannen & Boris Johnson)
Running Scared – Roy Orbison
Broken English – Marianne Faithful
Inglan is a Bitch – Linton Kwesi Johnson
If You're Not White You're Black – Lord Kitchener
Norwegian Wood – Cornershop
Racist Friend – The Specials
Language & Mentality – African Head Charge
Hard Times – Pablo Gad
UK – Burial (feat. Nigel Farage)
Alone Again Or – Love
Isolation – Joy Division
This is How It Feels – Inspiral Carpets
Regret – New Order (feat. Mandy Suthi)
Go Now – Bessie Banks
Your Autumn of Tomorrow – The Crow
The Carnival is Over – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
0:54 – Global Communication
Half-Past France – John Cale
I’m In Love with a German Film Star – The Passions
Europa & The Pirate Twins – Thomas Dolby
Come On Back to Me – The Foundations
Where Do We Go From Here? – Death
Big A Little A – Crass
French Disko – Stereolab
Stormy Weather – Elizabeth Welch (from Derek Jarman's ‘The Tempest’)
We Shall Overcome – Charlie Haden (feat. PJ Harvey reading John Donne)
Europe Endless (reprise) – Kraftwerk

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